Creating and giving back!

Here at fivefingergames we create games and try to give back to the indie game development community.

Open Source

Most of our tools are open source under the MIT license, so head over there and start creating!

Live Streaming

The majority of our development will be streamed on the platform. We rather create games with a community then for one.


Want to chat about game dev, our current projects in development or just hang out with like minded people? Come join our Discord server!

Who are we?

We are a small indie game dev studio based in Germany, Lower Bavaria. We create apps, websites, development tools, and games. You can follow our development journeys on

Meet Our Team

Well.. this is a little awkward. Currently there is only one of us at fivefingergames. Surely this is nothing you should worry about!

Want to take part in the development of our next app, website, development tool or game? Come join us on Twitch!

Games, Tools & Libraries

These are all the tools and games that are currently under development.



Functional F# wrapper to access Fire

Twitch Auth

Twitch Auth

UE4 Plugin

Want to give exclusive content or an early build of your game to your subscribers or followers? Use this!

ink UE4 Integration

ink UE4 Integration

UE4 Plugin

Port from the Unity ink integration for Unreal Engine 4.

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